Website Terms of Use

Website Terms of Use
This website is managed, operated and maintained by Shanghai A&Z Law Firm (“A&Z”). When using this website, please pay attention to the following matters. If you cannot understand and accept the following terms, please stop browsing this website immediately:

Intellectual Property Statement

The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of this website and all related information (including but not limited to text, images, sound recordings, videos, etc.) belong to A&Z and/or its original owners. Any visitor to this website may not copy, reproduce or otherwise exploit the information provided on this website for any purpose other than browsing without the express prior written permission of A&Z and/or its original rights holders.

Where the "copying for the purpose of personal use" and "citing" is stipulated in the PRC Copyright Law, it may be "copied" and "cited" within a reasonable range, but the source of the cited information must be indicated in this occasion.


In principle, this website allows free links. However, please contact A&Z before linking (please refer to “Contact and Feedback” on this website for contact information); and please link to the homepage when linking. In addition, this website, as the object the linking, does not guarantee the continued validity of the link. A&Z may change the address and content of the website without notice.

In addition, A&Z rejects such links when it believes that it is illegal or violates public order, or uses unidentified means to link.

Third Party Website

Links to third party websites are provided solely as a convenience to our visitors. Visitors will leave this site if these links are used. Such linked sites are not under A&Z’s control, and A&Z is not responsible for and does not endorse the content of such linked sites, including any information or materials contained on such linked sites.


Please refer to the "Disclaimers" section of this website.

Privacy Protection

Please refer to the " Privacy Protection" section of this website.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

All matters relating to the interpretation and applicable terms of this website and  “Website Terms of Use” shall be governed by PRC law. All disputes concerning this website, if there is no other mandatory provision in PRC law, shall be handled by a court of competent jurisdiction in Shanghai, China.

• Interpretation and modification of the "Website Terms of Use"

The right to interpret the "Website Terms of Use" is owned by A&Z. In addition, A&Z may modify the “Website Terms of Use” without notice.

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