Customs Logistics and Maritime Commerce

Customs Logistics and Maritime Commerce

A&Z possesses a professional Customs Logistics and Maritime Commerce department dedicated to overseas legal affairs. This department is not only well-versed in legal theory and experienced in litigation but retains a close relationship with prestigious experts in China who act as long-term senior consultants providing legal consulting and solutions to issues.

Lawyers in this team are skilled professionals acquainted with every aspect of logistics & maritime customs, including judicial adjudication of maritime affairs. The attorneys in this department are capable of providing litigation and non-litigation services with regard to customs logistics and maritime commerce to our clients in both Chinese and English. Moreover, the department maintains good relations with the customs authorities, commodity inspection authorities, traffic control authorities and maritime authorities. Apart from effective solutions for companies, A&Z provides its clients with the service of establishing a sound platform of communication between companies and the government, which eases procedures for clients and allows them to handle disputes effectively.


Services for Customs Logistics

  • Pre-classification guidance and reporting advice;
  • Customs classification consulting (introducing the principles of customs classification, explaining customs classification in detail, improving the corporate system of customs classification, and dispute resolution in relation to customs classification);
  • Customs price-reviewing consulting (introducing the principles of customs price-reviewing, explaining customs price-reviewing in detail, improving the corporate system of customs price-reviewing, and dispute resolution/alleviation of customs price-reviewing);
  • Handling alleged violation cases (including pre-event investigation and communication/negotiation with departments);
  • Handling alleged smuggling criminal cases (including pre-event investigation, intervention by police, intervention by procurator, and defense at first and second instances in court);
  • Commodity inspection consulting (introducing laws on commodity inspection, improving the corporate system of commodity inspection, and dispute resolution of disputes in relation to commodity inspection);
  • Providing solutions to logistics customs procedures (the procedure of international trade, the procedure of international cargo transportation, the procedure of cross-border e-commerce) and scheme formulation;
  • Internal control design and supervision of maritime logistics; and
  • Other legal services related to logistics customs.

Maritime Commerce services

  • Providing solutions to maritime disputes (including ship collision, ship pollution, crew casualties, marine salvage and general average), assisting with negotiation and reconciliation, coping with collective disputes, and communicating with governmental departments;
  • Reviewing contracts on maritime commodity transportation, ship leasing and maritime insurance, handling disputes of port detention, container detention and delivering goods without original bill of lading, dealing with disputes of early ship re-delivery and ship withdrawal, and settling insurance claims;
  • Sale, purchase, construction, and financing of ships;
  • Contractual review, mitigating risks during ship sale and purchase, handling negotiations, handling emergency disputes in ship construction, consulting and risk evaluation of financing methods; and
  • Providing consulting services on shipping investment, shipping policy, shipping laws and regulations, as well as investment environment appraisal and policy analysis.